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Asthijivak Oil

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Cure your joint pain with the help of auyurvedic oil Asthijivak!

Joints are a very significant part of human structure which links or join the bones to one other and helps in movement and balance of the body. Important joints in the human body are the spine joints, knee joints, elbow joints and ankle joints.

Disquiet aches, and ache in any of the body’s joints is most recurrent symptoms of Joint pain. The knee joint is the most noticeable joint in the human body in spite of being tremendously prone to be injured because it bears the bulk of the human body weight.
Pain, rigidity and tiredness in the muscle or joint can rise due to the many causes as any kind of aching ailments or harm in the joint could occasionally lead to mild to intolerable joint pain. Nevertheless, there may be other fitness situations that can induce joint ache.

WHAT IS Asthijivak OIL

Joint ailments are disturbing just about everyone irrespective of the age groups. Inappropriate use of the body joints, sitting position, exhaustion, unclean diet and harmful lifestyle can cause lasting or sudden joint pain. Joint pain can make an individual immobile if not cured with care. Asthijivak oil is knee pain relief oil which comforts the rigidity and pain in the joints. It is an ayuvedic remedy for the joint pain.

It has been utilised as an active joint pain relief agent ever since ancient times. It can cure joint disease and joint pain entirely. Consistent Massage of this Ayurveda oil could relieve knee joint pain totally. This herbal healing instrument has a distinctive name in Ayurveda.

Asthijivak oil is a complete mixture of nourishing herbs that delivers nourishment to bones and joints. It is a sort of Natural home therapy for Arthritis or joint tenderness, which is arranged on the ideologies of Ayurveda, the antique medical science of soothing many disease and health complaints.


Ayurveda is the most acknowledged antique healthcare structure and Ayurvedic medicines are primed exclusively to attain the all-out therapeutic effect with great care. Asthijivak oil is an extraordinary composition of more than a few unique herbs, an herbal oil to heal most musculoskeletal complaints and operational Ayurvedic Oil, which can mending affected tissues comprehensively.

Consolidation of this magical blend trails particular Ayurvedic mechanism and ideologies to achieve the fruitful results from the carefully chosen herbs. Some herbs are utilised in their fluid form while some other in their innate form.


Sound Welfares of Asthijivak Oil

  • It can decrease bruising, sensitivity, pain relief and inflammation of your knee totally.
  • It can treat all kinds of knee ligament damage.
  • It keeps one's bones & Joints well-greased.
  • It upsurges joint fitness & joint mobility.
  • It decreases risk of knee tendon injuries.

Instructions to use

  • In the morning, wash the joint with reasonably warm water & massage moderately with 2 to 3 ml of Asthijivak Oil.
  • Mildly massage the affected joint skin.
  • Put on only the right amount of compression during the massaging.